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Tricia's Voice

Anyone who has ever known "Tricia", Pretty Pat, or Patricia Margret Hipplewith as she was birthed, would unanimously describe her as _"that girl who cannot sit down!"_ A big heart that refuses to stay put in one place, is perhaps one hint as to why she has been able to touch so many other hearts.

She has been the best - - BEST sister, auntie, class-mate, co-worker, assistant to a CEO, Church greeter, volunteer, store customer, person you were on the train (or bus) with after _and before _work, neighbor, confidant, friend and even medical patient that one could hope to encounter in life's sometimes gloomy path. She smiles and we feel happy. She arranges a schedule and we feel organized. She prays and we ask, when the time comes, if she'll sneak us into heaven... Because she's an Angel. It's not just her constant need to share that we've learned to accept as just who Patricia is, but the versatility in which she is able to share that's AMAZING! She's a singer: Church Choir, and basically any and everywhere; Dancer: Ballet, Swing, Jazz, and even Hip Hop; and all around Natural Caregiver. In fact, the only thing she won't show warmth to is her kitchen stove. Don't ask her to cook, Tricia is strictly microwave and takeout menu preferred.

Since being diagnosed with A.L.S. late in 2015, so much has been taken away. So much has been learned. Forced into early retirement, relying on technology to speak, items that once could be lifted with a finger now take two hands, yet Patricia has taken it all with grace. To watch someone so independent and so powerful have so many progressive day to day challenges, her family and friends have been devastated. See with someone so special, you don't only feel as though they are being punished, but that YOU are being punished! That voice that could be heard coming from a block away, muted? The community circles that were used to that bubbling presence, have no doubt felt a void. However, in the same tradition that Patricia has always seen the GOOD in everyone and everything, we proudly announce that on May 6th, together we will be participating in the A.L.S. Walk at the Hudson River Park in New York City. We proudly pronounce the name of our group "Tricia's Voice".

We ambitiously invite friends and family of Patricia from all over, all walks of life to - on that day - walk with us and join Ms. Hipplewith who, contrary to your typical A.L.S. symptoms, is still_ "that girl who cannot sit down!"_. Her smile will remain the center of attention as we sing, dance, and take steps towards a cure for A.L.S. The giving of monetary donations is asked in addition to your physical contribution. More details to follow.

Thanking you in advance,

The family of Patricia Hipplewith

Tricia's Voice Raised
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Lynne McCray $1,460.00
LEVEL 5 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Lyndon McCray $3,345.00
Helping Hand Alicia Aldrich $50.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Elizabeth Alexander $1,050.00
Lisa Atkins $175.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Sondra Barksdale $405.00
Ephraim Benton $0.00
Adrianne Brown $0.00
Helping Hand Renee Campbell $50.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Ramona Candy $750.00
Helping Hand Frances Canty $100.00
Linda Chang $0.00
Sharon Chase $0.00
Helping Hand Lili Christensen $100.00
Raquel Colon $0.00
Victor Cruz $0.00
Helping Hand Patricia Cunningham $100.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand MoJazz Dance $325.00
Helping Hand Talijah Daring $50.00
Corrie Davis $0.00
Helping Hand Sondra Davis $50.00
Carmen De Jesus $0.00
Helping Hand Patricia Gittens $50.00
Helping Hand Chaquetta Grace $50.00
Jennifer Grim $0.00
Helping Hand Shirley Grooms-Jones $100.00
Janice Hart-Braithwaite $0.00
Charles Harton $0.00
Sonya Henderson $0.00
LEVEL 1 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Dale Hipplewith $325.00
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Jacques Hipplewith $1,030.00
Helping Hand Stephen Horowitz $100.00
Helping Hand Geri Houston $100.00
Delores Inniss $0.00
Derrick Jones $0.00
Helping Hand Kysha Jones $25.00
Helping Hand Amy Kelly $50.00
Helping Hand Christina Kennedy $50.00
Kismet Lee $0.00
Bernadette Lewis $0.00
Helping Hand Rita Littrean $100.00
Angela Lomax $0.00
Helping Hand Audrey and Bobby Madison $100.00
Debra McBeth $0.00
Bridget McCarthy $0.00
Karen McClain-Marvin $0.00
Helping Hand Byron McCray $70.00
Helping Hand Miriam McCray $100.00
Helping Hand Renee Meekins $150.00
Alexsandrea Merlo $0.00
Dakota Merlo $0.00
Sarah Merlo $0.00
Victoria Merlo $0.00
Matt Miller $200.00
Lorna More $0.00
Adolphus Mueller $0.00
Helping Hand Deborah Nance $50.00
Lori Nordé-Jones $0.00
Helping Hand Clarence Norman $100.00
Yvette Norris $0.00
Helping Hand Kiera Parrott $25.00
Helping Hand Sandra Patterson $100.00
Helping Hand Tempestt Perkins $50.00
LEVEL 5 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Team Phaidon $3,325.00
Helping Hand China Rabalais $25.00
LEVEL 2 FUNDRAISER Helping Hand Casandra Rosa $500.00
Helping Hand Marie Rosenberg $100.00
Helping Hand Iyawó Alicia Anabel Santos $250.00
Helping Hand Damali Smith $50.00
Dori Smith $0.00
Sadigo Smith Ford $0.00
Gail Smith $0.00
Greer Smith $0.00
Malik Smith $0.00
Traci Smith $0.00
John Stokes $0.00
Michele Stokes $0.00
R Sugev $0.00
Kate Villano $0.00
Helping Hand E Sharon Williams $100.00
Bobby Yan $0.00
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