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Greater New York Chapter

Westchester Walk

Team Hussey

When I realised that all was not well
I panicked, tried to hide it and hoped not to tell

Going along pretending things were fine
Believing and hoping that this was all in my mind

Not wanting to tell you that the person who you thought would be here forever
Might be snatched from you over time, you possibly having to watch me suffer

Inside I was screaming please don’t let this be
I want to live in my beautiful bubble, my family, my friends and me

I guessed what was wrong and started to read
About the relentless illness that may start to proceed

It sounds horrific from being someone who could do so much
Turn into someone who could not walk, talk or touch

The thought of you all seeing me like this
Makes me sad, angry and bitter of what is

Why me……..why you……..I don’t think I can cope
You all having to watch me slide down a fast slippery slope

In the end I may not speak, move or touch
But please remember I’m still the same person and I love you so very much

When my time comes to join the sky
You’ll need to give me a juicy fat kiss and a big wave bye-bye

At times you’ll feel sad and feel lonely and blue
But remember that you will always love me and I will always love you too!

I may no longer be here in person to help heal your pain
But I’m still watching over you in spirit so keep talking to me over and over again

And when your time comes to join me in the sky, just run towards me and you’ll never ever need to ever say goodbye.

I’ll hold you so tight like I always used to before
And I’ll kiss you and cuddle you for forever more.

 It's been 3 long years since she passed away and not one day survives without her on our minds.  The strength, compassion, selfless love and resilience are just some of her characteristics that keep her memory living.  The consistent smiiles, love and hugs she gave even as death was upon her made us all question life and death.  The bonds, relationships and trusts she formed with everyone she came into contact with are still all holding today. 

Now that she is gone, we are responsible for sharing her love and legacy. Mom was a person with a huge giving and compassion heart. I remember stories of her willing to extend a helping hand whether it was financially or offering someone a place to stay- this is what Team Hussey is based off of. We all have that little bit of Vilma Hussey in us and it's time to share what she shared with us. We want to help other people and families affected by ALS by extending a hand just like Vilma did and by loving on other people. So I ask, please donate to our cause and help us reach our goal so that we can help others fight against ALS!

Team Hussey Raised
LEVEL 3 FUNDRAISER Samantha Hussey $1,315.00
Gloria Clemente $0.00
Sharon Haylett $0.00
Ronald Hussey $50.00
Denotes a Team Captain
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