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Greater New York Chapter

Westchester Walk

Team Elsa

Dear Friends and Family,

I can't rememebr when was the first year we began the ALS walk, but I do know every year we have a great time. I know Elsa would have been extremely proud of us for continuing this journey. Previously I didn't know the importance of the walk. I wasn't sure what was the point to be honest. When we walk, we are raising awareness. Before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, many people had no idea what ALS was. Thankfully the Ice Bucket challenge gave the disease some of the publicity it needed. The more poeple show up at these walks, the more coverage it gets. The more money we raise, the more resources are given to those with the disease and their families. Also, the greater the chance there is to find a cure.

Elsa was not my mother, or my aunt, or my sister, but she was someone I was honored to meet who I saw suffer with this horrible disease. I also know that if my mother, or my aunt, one of my sisters or anyone else I know were affected by this disease, I would hope that someone is out there working on a cure. Or that we will receive the adequate support and resources to help us.

Take this minute to sign up for the walk, and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Email. Don't forget to remind those who don't rely on internet access as well, and sign them up if they're interested.

I hope to see you all at the walk!

Team Captain Ariana

Team Elsa Raised
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