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Green Wave # 3 departs 10.30am sharp, ETA... er... what time does it get dark?

UPDATE October 25th 2013: Just got my bib number: 54842. Apparently you can track my progress on Trackmyrunner http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/spectators/trackmyrunners.htm - which I believe is an SMS app, so sorry if you were expecting some kind of mutant Super Mario game with a sweaty little avatar of yours truly stumbling around, bashing into barriers and puking up every mile from the halfway point, but still, it might be entertaining. Works internationally too, so they say ;-)

UPDATE: October 18th 2013. It's Groundhog Race Day. Two weeks to go and I just did a 16 miler in Brooklyn. No turning back now. My, how the year has flown by already!

UPDATE November 5th 2012: so after weeks of physio and mental commitment to come back from the knee problem that had me hobbling after only a few miles, followed by the almost crushing disappointment of having the entire event cancelled (which was easy enough to shoulder when put in perspective with the terrible hardship being suffered by 1000s of families who have lost their homes and lives' possessions all along the coastline), I decided along with Tim and Matthew to make the best of it and we set off yesterday to run part of the course from Williamsburg to Central Park. It turned out that many runners had the same idea, there was a big 'Run Anyway' alternative event organized, CP was full of orange shirts and loads of New Yorkers lining the course to cheers us on. As a first-timer, I got a taste of the incredibly positive spirit that energizes the Marathon, and against the backdrop of an enormous relief effort and an impending election in which 'we are all in this together' is being pitched against 'every man for himself', I felt proud to be a part of it. I wish I could say I put in the full 26.3 miles, but that would be removed from the truth by approximately the same distance as the Verrazano Bridge is from Williamsburg. However, for the record, it was well over half, and I made it to the finish line as the attached pic shows. So, the journey continues...




YES! I am running the NY Marathon this year, November 4th 2012 to be precise.

Why am I doing it? Well, first and foremost, to raise money to fight ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, and related illnesses such as PSP. My wife's lovely mother, Eugenie, suffered from PSP, and my dear friend Sara is currently fighting ALS. So, Eugenie and Sara, you are my heroes, and this is for YOU.

Two things you need to know about ALS: we are going to find a cure. It is a matter of time and money to spend on research, then, like polio and smallpox, ALS will be consigned to the medical history books. But in the meantime, it is one of the most pernicious illnesses imaginable, causing untold suffering to 100,000s of people. In truth, every $ you donate will advance the cause and could be the extra dollar that saves a life.

I also have to thank Tim Reeves, Matthew Justice and John Brewer, three of my old mates from London who have agreed to fly out and run the race with me. I guess we are all motivated by the urge to keep (or in my case, to get) fit, and to prove to ourselves as we approach the big half C that we can still do it, but it's nice to know that the ties of a 30-year friendship bind us together and the prospect of raising our glasses to the ghost of Guy Fawkes from a beergarden in Williamsburg will be spurring us along over the last few miles as we cross over into Central Park and the serious pain kicks in.

Please bookmark this page if you're interested in keeping track of my progress as the November 4th fundraising deadline approaches. How am I coping so far? Let's just put it this way: What used to be my personal best, now it's my warm-up. I will be adding photos and info along the way, and posting details of where to gather on raceday if you are in NYC and fancy cheering us on. You can also find me on Facebook of course. Feel free to spread the word and post a link to this page as often as you like on your timeline. It all helps!

As you can tell from this website, the ALS Association is a very well-established institution and you can rest assured that every cent of your contribution will go towards funding research and raising awareness about ALS and how to fight it.

Give as much as you can. Don't be shy to drop 5 bucks, but if you can make it $50, you'll feel 10 times better about it when you see me flop across the line in a puddle of sweat, twitching limbs and gelatinous flesh. And if you can go $100, you get a DJ mix of all the best tracks I've been listening to in my training sessions, sent exclusively to you. Who knows, it may inspire you to run the race next year!

Thank you for your support!


And for those of you who don't know me, the ALS Association said to add a short bio:

Tim Fielding is an expat Brit who works in the Digital Media business in NYC, and has a long track record (pun intended) as a DJ and event producer.  Having barely run for anything more than a bus in the past 25 years, and with the only marathons in his repertoire being all-night dance parties and the occasional chocolate bar back in London prior to the Snickers rebranding, the irony of his nom de disque 'Journeyman' is not lost on him, now that he faces the greatest physical challenge of his 47 years in existence.

Tim is a graduate of Oxford University, where a place on the ski team provided the acme of his sporting career to date, and of the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, where he put on several pounds earning his MBA. Several years later, he is still trying to run off the former and pay off the latter. He works for in8 Mobile, a publisher of smartphone apps that recognize music and visual images. He lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with his wife Lucy and their three children Alice, Leo and Freddie, who will be cheering him on as he hits the halfway point on Bedford Avenue.

If you do not want to donate online, you can download an offline donation form by clicking here.

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